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Well, another year has passed. 

I'm still working on that story you barely know anything about. 184790 words and 383 pages and counting. Been stuck on the latest chapter forever which alone is nearly 25000 words so far. Might have to split it up at some point.

Anyways, here is a little something about the story if you're interested:
So far there has been a lot of foundation building and mystery building concerning not only Equestria and the world before, but also an alternate dimension where malevolent monsters dwell. Long kept secrets are slowly being unraveled as the princess sisters find themselves fighting battles on multiple fronts. Celestia against a dual-minded dragon who threatens to bring war between their two races to further his quest to uncover an inconvenient truth about his kind, and Luna against the monsters of the dream realm who seek entry into the world of those they feast upon. And in the middle we find Meat Pony, a pony who was robbed from her family as an infant and grew up to be a slave to the dragon. The dragon who in turn was driven close to madness by reoccurring hate dreams about the helpless pony. Dreams brought forth by none other than one of the dream realm monsters.

Once free from the dragon's terrifying rule, Meat Pony ends up in Ponyville in a rather odd way with no idea that there even existed a world outside the cave she grew up in. After being mistakingly diagnosed with severe amnesia due to her inability to explain herself properly, Meat Pony is brough under the care of Twilight Sparkle who is rather keen on finding out more about the mysterious mare as well as the cause of the scruffy pony literally falling from the sky one day, and why she was found covered in a strange black anti-magic substance as well as blood that was not only her own.

Little does anyone know that upon finding out that Meat Pony had been set free, the monsters of the dream realm quickly chose her to be the vessel for their imminent invasion. Dark clouds gather over Ponyville as the monsters corrupt the minds of all those around her. How much ire and contempt can the already confused and frightened Meat Pony suffer before her will breaks and the monsters are allowed free reign over her mind and body? And will the princess hating dragon ever find a way to open the door he had Meat Pony digging for and claim the powers of the long lost dragon lord that he had sought to uncover for so long?

So that's the premise for the story, but there is a shit-tonne of other things going on that involves Nightmare Moon and other dangerous beings that currently lay in hiding.

I'd also like to point out that this will be an alternate reality story due to the show going in a different direction regarding dragons, the Elements of Harmony and possibly Changelings (haven't seen the last few episodes yet). In any case, it all takes place before Twilight gets her wings.

Yay for stories!
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I'm not an original "artist".

In the case of MLP:FiM I try to mimic the animators art as close as I can. I use screenshots to redraw/trace ponies when needed and then modify or add to them to create something original (if I'm allowed to call it original). Sometimes only parts here and there.
Why? Because I'm a perfectionist and I can't draw what I consider good enough by my own. Though I am getting better and I am learning from working in this way.

While I can't claim the art to be "entirely made by me", I hope you can still enjoy it. I have no intention of stealing or taking credit for someone elses work.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Regarding requests:
Not taking any.

Thank you!
New year huh? Well that went fast.

Haven't really touched any art at all since my last journal entry. My mind has been completely focused on my story 99% of the time, and it still is. I've doubled the word count to a total of 137.000 lovely words, filling 290 pages and spanning across 49 shorter chapters due to a bit och back'n'forth hopping between characters and places. But the story is not done yet, though it is slowly getting towards the end... of part one :P

So, what have you guys been up to?
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How did you make pony in armor??
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Someone stole your work!

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your style is amazing n_n
Larsurus Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014
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Larsurus Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014
Yep, made him from scratch
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COOL!!! You are just the guy I needed~! 
look, I have been working on a comic called 
"Equestria gone mad"! it shows a group of friends and rivals
searching for the temple that will literary throw away one wish and
I was wondering if you can make 4 more vectors of that land shark for 20 points?
Larsurus Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
Sorry :(
I don't do commissions, neither do I have the time.
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